about the "SR system"

The Substitutional Reality system is an experience platform that blurs boundaries between live and past. It was developed by Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence at RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan. In contrast to the technologies "to assimilate virtual to real", which have been developed in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the SR system manipulates "the users' subjective reality" itself by inserting the past seamlessly into the present.

A participant wears a head mounted display(HMD) fitted with headphones, a live camera and a head orientation sensor. Through the HMD, the participant can see the live scene from the own eye level camera, and the past scene which were recorded from the same point of view. When the live scene is seamlessly switched to past scene in this situation, the participant cannot recognize whether own experience is live or not.

Past scenes were recorded in advance by a panoramic video camera. By using the head orientation sensor, the participant can look around freely in the same condition as live view among the past view. Therefore, the participant subjective recognition itself cannot distinguish past from present, and it is contained in a linear sequence as a seamless experience.